Drones and Weddings - A Match Made In Heaven

Drones and Weddings - A Match Made In Heaven

by Dragon Drones, 2 mins read

Hello all, and welcome back!  Thanks so much for your time today as we have a great series here on what you can use drones for.  We've already discussed how you can use drones for land management and surveying, why homes with drone photos sell for more (and faster!), and what you need to know about hiring a drone pilot.  Today, we're going to be discussing why weddings and drone photos are a match made in heaven - pun absolutely intended!  Let's dive right in.

 wedding drone photo

Remember The Most Important Day

All cultures have customs around weddings.  Whether they are multiple day bashes, or quiet, personalized affairs, every single culture on Earth has something to mark that special day.  There's a lot that goes into weddings, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  By hiring a drone pilot for your wedding it's a confirmation to everyone there that you are wanting to take that next step and get some awesome memories in the process!

Renewing vows are a prime chance to not only profess your love again to your chosen, but it's a chance to bring new technology into play when there wasn't the option available previously.  It's a special thing to see two people committed to each other, and drone photos and videos for weddings and vow renewals can be a surefire way to show that commitment.

drone wedding photo groom and bride

Professional Photoshoots

Drone pilots are some of the most professional in the business.  We have to be licensed by the FAA, and we're not going to do anything that would jeopardize that ability.  You're going to get a pilot that knows their stuff - how to set up shots for maximum effect, how to provide context and scenery and just make you look perfect for your wedding day.

professional drone wedding photography

Cost Effective

Many individuals think that drone pilots are rather expensive and out of their price range.  We actually have wedding packages that start at $500, a quite economical price point if you're just looking for footage.  We can hand this footage off to a professional photographer, an editor or can even work with your chosen photographer to seamlessly integrate it with your videos.

It also makes a great gift if you're a family member and want to contribute to the wedding day in a non-traditional way.  Make sure that the bride and groom are alright with it, and we'll be out there with our drones to capture some of the best angles we can from above!

wedding party photo from drone

It's Just Cool!

We were on site at a wedding the other day, and couldn't help but overhear more than one comment along the lines of "Wow, wish we had that at our wedding!", "Can I fly the drone?  Come on, we'll give you $100!", and "New technology always astounds me."

The good news is that most places where you would have photos outdoors have a drone policy in place for your wedding.  There might be a slight additional charge, as we've covered above, but the opportunity to see things from a different angle, a new light?  That's priceless, and it should be for your special wedding day.  We're always honored to be at these events where we can provide quality service to couples on their wedding day.  Schedule a free consultation today with Dragon Drones to bring us to your wedding!

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