Why Homes With Drone Photos Sell Faster and For More Money

Why Homes With Drone Photos Sell Faster and For More Money

by William Comstock, Chief Pilot at Dragon Drones - 2 mins read

One of the most common questions that we are asked includes why it would be important to hire a licensed and insured drone operator to take more pictures of a listing.  It's just more pictures, right?  Wrong. It's not just more pictures, it's showcasing a particular lifestyle.

According to MLS statistics, properties with drone photos sold 68% faster than those without.  68 percent.  That's an insanely quick sale!  So if for nothing else, sell your properties faster.  But we're going to dive into today a bit more about what it means to have drone photos on a listing and what they can provide.



Aerial image of a house

Drones and technology make houses feel exclusive.  Looking at the majority of houses on listing services you see the same pictures over and over.  Front of house.  Back of house.  Kitchen.  Bedroom.  Living room.  Boring!  Spice up your first picture with a look at the house from above, where it's at in the city, the street it's on... so many different options with drone photos!

Most listing services also provide some option for interior and exterior tours or videos.  There's an inherent eye-catching opportunity to showcase the property and its exterior in a different way.  Make the first impression the best.



Affordable video

Contrary to popular opinion, drone photography is rather accessible to realtors and owners of all sizes!  Since the FAA has been able to put rules and regulations together in 2015, thousands of drone operators have passed the licensing procedures and operate businesses.  Where once you had to have a private plane or helicopter and it was cost prohibitive on all but the most expensive properties, now drone photography is becoming more and more mainstream. 

In fact, we're offering real estate photography packages starting at $250 in the Chicagoland area just to show you how easy and affordable it is.  No code or promotion necessary!  Request a quote here.



Overhead suburban houses

Drone photography is - quite literally - above everything else.  Elevate the lifestyle that you want to share with your prospective buyers.  By being able to share where the property is in relation to major landmarks, features, or neighborhood style, you're able to show the property and its unique characteristics in an instant.  You'll also get a chance to share with prospective buyers that your realty practice is a cut above the rest.



Worker with Drone Inspecting

Now, a quick caveat - we are not an inspection service.  However, photos and video of the property from above can help provide buyers peace of mind that everything looks as expected.  The roof, land, gardens, pool, driveway... it all looks different with a bird's eye view.  This can also help identify potential hazards and problems well before they become a larger issue.  Getting drone footage of a property will help to alleviate any lingering concerns.


Drone and house


Overall, the benefits of utilizing drone footage outweigh the potential concerns.  Hiring a licensed and insured pilot to provide the technology and expertise of these photos will add to the home's perceived value, sell your property faster and provide a stand out listing.  Start here today by requesting a quote!