How Can I Use Drones For Land Management? - Farmers, Surveyors and Architects

drone over illustration of crop yields

by Dragon Drones, 2 mins read

Hello all, good afternoon and welcome back.  We are diving deep into why farmers, surveyors and architects can and should use drones in order to make their lives easier and (do many things), including:

  • Land Management
  • Crop Yields
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Seasonal/Year-over-Year Change
Let's dive right in!

     drone over crop of corn

    Sustainable Agriculture

    Every single farmer that we talk to knows that their farm's land is the most important consideration.  Walking the farm every season is a time-honored tradition.  Hands down, every single decision that you make is going to be to further the ability to use it for farming in the future.  The good news is that with the advent of drones, farmers are using them to understand more about the land.  For example, understand where more pesticides are needed, assess crop health and reduce time spent in the field.

    By being able to pinpoint important areas that your land needs, it will be easier to be that steward of the land for years to come.  Dragon Drones has a lot of experience in this area, and we use mapping technology to have the drone fly itself over an area, making sure that we're getting a full picture of the ground below.

    drone over soybean field

    Save Money

    Not only is it time consuming to re-do an entire field, it's also expensive.  Labor, time and material factors all cut into the bottom line of running your business successfully.  By using drones to survey for problems at a regular interval you can cut down on any potential problems and nip them in the bud (pun intended!) before it starts.

    Now at this point, there's a debate on whether you should get certified Part 107 FAA Licensed and do the work in-house or contract out.  Both are great options, truth be told.  There's time and investment and money that you have to keep your licensing and certifications, not to mention that drones, whether quad-copters or fixed wing are quite expensive.  No matter how you slice it, there will be an investment.  If you own a larger farm, it's likely that it would eventually be more effective to own your own drone and keep your certifications current.  For more information, feel free to check out our oft-updated blog post titled "What Do I Need To Know About My Drone Pilot?"

    drone photo of field


    In construction it's critical to know your site, and to keep it safe.  By using a drone at multiple intervals, you can easily keep costs down and understand the needs at individual sites.  One of the most prominent needs is to understand any potential safety hazards.  Drones can help spot any safety issues and provide resolutions before something happens to injure workers on-site.  In addition, for larger buildings or because of zoning, it might be required that you provide a drone survey before you begin.

    Additionally, drones can help identify areas in need of repair without sending an individual to do a visual inspection down the sides of a tall building.  Utilizing sensors, technology and 4K cameras, it's often not only easier, cheaper but also more economical to have the video that you can refer back to at any time.

    drone at construction site

    The Final Word

    Drones have awesome technology in them.  The quicker that new technologies are integrated into already existing processes multiply long term benefits and also save money.  Feel free to drop us any questions to or get a quote for your next project today!