I've Signed a Drone Contract... Now What?

I've Signed a Drone Contract... Now What?

by Dragon Drones Staff - 2 mins read

Hello and welcome once again to our blog posts on drones!

Today we're going to be discussing what comes after your drone contract is signed.  For more on what you should look for in hiring a drone pilot, take a look at our previous blog post here, What Do I Need To Know About My Drone Pilot?




Make sure to have a consultation with your drone pilot prior to the flight.  You'll be able to go over any additional concerns, set up potential video shots you'd like to get and be able to share any sort of ideas you have!  We are committed to making the experience as memorable as possible.  Whether it's a business event, a wedding, a promotional video or something special, we want to know what inspires you.

Giving examples is a great way to share your vision for the project, and that helps to cut down on unintentional errors or delays.  You can find many examples on YouTube, Vimeo, television and more, if you need any inspiration!

Additionally, we'll go over any potential safety hazards, limitations or pilot concerns about the site we're filming at.  You'll also get the opportunity to ask any questions you have.


The Big Day

Two individuals flying a drone

We're there!  It's almost time to begin!  The stage is set, the staff and actors are in place... action!

On the day of your shoot, we have a number of administrative tasks that we must complete before we fly for you.  We complete a safety checklist, answer any questions, share the final contracts and expectations of payment before we start flying.  If there was a cancellation due to weather or other safety concern, your pilot will contact you directly.  Please keep your phone handy!

While on site, we require all staff to be aware that we are operating a drone in the air.  In addition, there may be waivers that need to be signed, depending on the type of production.  We require all of our pilots and their crew to have full access to the site that we are filming.  This can be accomplished through a badging system or other identifiers.


What Comes Next?Survey

We'll bring the drone back down and then we'll complete our post flight checklists.  Packing everything away, we'll soon either transfer your footage to you, or we'll begin the editing process to make sure that your video comes to life.

Often we will send out a link to a survey which will help us get better in the future and offer additional discounts for repeat customers.  You might also be prompted to share that review on Google or another review service.  We're a local business and we really appreciate those reviews!

At any stage of the operation, your pilot will be available to discuss any questions or concerns that you have, and we pride ourselves on our work.  Thank you for your business!


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